“Tel Smit has performed at various occasions throughout the last few years for our company at several presentations and other company events. Tel Smit moves around the audience inconspicuously and strikes them with his magic.. Tel Smit is a truly top Gentleman with style and elegance, worth every penny.
Jan Brands, Ministry of Internal Affairs"

“Tell Smit has performed at parties and dining sessions we organized. His performances where a great success. Even though some people have had the opportunity to see the tricks he performs several times; they were still amazed. A lot of praise for the art Tel performs. I can only advice you to see it with you own eyes.
Antony Burgmans, CEO Unilever"

“To me, Tel Smit belongs to the absolute world top! This world player amazes me still after 25 years being active in the entertainment business. Besides his presentations on stage as a master manipulator and Gentleman, it is a pleasure doing reliable business with him. Tel Smit is never too late when making an appointment and he is a truly perfectionist. As managing director of our company “Constant in Beweging” (“Constantly moving”) I hope and wish that my friend and master performer will do business with us for the years to come.
Constant in Beweging. Constant Geerling "

“The Technische Unie has booked Tel Smit on several occasions. The uniqueness of his program and acts are praised by a wide range of audiences We know Tel as an attentive Gentleman on various dinners. But also as a talented manipulator during several of our scompany’s events. Technische Unie B.V. Communication Department, Kees Keuning "

“Tel Smit, The gentleman illusionist, performed at several occasions and presentations for Veilig Verkeer Nederland. His unique acts where of a great value to us. Inimitability and incomprehensibility are the things he does during his performances. After his acts people are left astonished. A Tel Smit act and performance guarantees success. We intend to book this Gentlemen magician more often in the future.
VVN Gelderland, Henk van Elteren "